Michael Anton said the humiliating Biden meeting with China proves the communist regime now sees America as “exceptionally weak.”

“Obviously the Chinese know we’re in a weak position,” Anton said.

“It’s ridiculous for the left, liberals at all to say that the United States can have a year like 2020 in which we tear ourselves apart entirely, and all the elites say we are a fundamentally unjust, corrupt evil country,” Anton said. “These things have consequences abroad.”

The author of The Stakes: America at a Point of No Return, said China is now emboldened, and sees it as an advantage to being “obnoxious and pushy” to American officials.

“They think we’re exceptionally weak,” Anton said. “And will take this essentially lying down, which it looks like we did.”

“They have more to gain by being bombastic,” he said. 

Anton, who saw the Trump administration’s diplomacy up close when he was a national security official, said the contrast in treatment between the Biden and Trump teams could not be more stark.

“President Trump and his senior team were treated incredibly differently by the Chinese government,” he said. “Much more politely, much more respectfully, despite the fact that they had an avowed policy that was much tougher on China.”

Anton said China “respected strength and they were worried about what the United States might do” under President Trump.

“They’re not even making a pretext of that anymore,” Anton said of China. “Which should really give everyone pause for how the United States is viewed by foreign adversaries right now.”


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