The Road to 2022

Stephen K. Bannon hosts a one hour special on The Road to 2022, on what it will take for the MAGA movement to achieve victory. A Tea Party redux of picking up 60 seats is possible, but only with the right game plan.

“This whole concept of what is going to happen in the spring and summer of 2022 is absolutely important,” Bannon said. “And it’s setting the predicate. That’s why very early on we’re proud to have our special the road to 2022.”

It Starts Now

Bannon explains the Democrats’ playbook to infuse $6 trillion more into the economy for the midterms, and says it’s imperative for MAGA nation to know their vote is actually going to count in 2022.

Boris Epshteyn says there is hope on that front as the “caesar of the Democratic assault on voter integrity” Marc Elias has just been sanctioned by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“They’ve been abusing the legal system and now they’re being called out for it by a circuit court of appeals,” he said. “That is a big deal .”
Plus, forensic audits in Fulton County, Georgia and Maricopa County, Arizona could reveal evidence of voter fraud on Nov. 3 and spur reform.

5th Circuit sanctions Marc Elias and other Perkins Coie lawyers for ‘redundant and misleading’ motion

Mendoza Line for Politics 

War Room previews the lay of the House land for 2022 and Boris Epshteyn explains what the Mendoza line is for politics.

“2022 is going to be a huge, bellwether, watershed election,” Epshteyn said. “Get involved. Either go and think about running. Or if you do not run, make sure you are supporting those MAGA candidates out there.”

Plus, Epshteyn reveals how involved President Trump will be in 2022.

Nothing is Certain 

Bannon and Epshteyn run down the Senate map for 2022. If strong MAGA candidates like Lara Trump in North Carolina, Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania, and Mo Brooks in Alabama, the map changes completely.

“There’s this narrative that it’s a tough map for Republicans,” said Epshteyn. “But it’s a tougher map, I would say, for Democrats.”

“I think we’re going to be defending these and keeping them.”

Plus, hear Espshteyn’s prediction for how many of the RINOs who voted for the sham impeachment will lose their primary, starting with Liz Cheney.

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