Wall Up in D.C., Down at the Border

War Room begins on day 70 of the occupation with a live report from Michael Yon in Panama. Though the connection is spotty, Yon reports at the end of the Darién Gap, where Biden’s border crisis begins. 

“This is the end of the road, or the beginning of the road if you make it this far alive,” said Yon.

Plus, War Room has exclusive new polling from Rasmussen showing two-thirds of Americans are against Biden’s tax hikes.

In Just 1 Of 20 Sectors, Nearly 50,000 Tried To Cross Illegally Since Biden Took Office

Smug Psaki Announces Any 10-Year-Old in the World Who Crosses Southern Border Can Stay

An Intentional Throw

War Room explains how Biden’s border crisis is not an unforced error, but intentional. “The root of the problem is evil,” said Raheem Kassam, who explains how the axis of Marxism, the cartels, and Democrats desire for votes, converge together.

Joe Biden’s NatSec And China Policy Directors Served As Fellows At Chinese Communist Party-Funded Center

REVEALED: Biden Advisers’ Deep Ties To Chinese Communist Party Military And Propaganda

Biden’s Top Staffers Signed CCP Propaganda Group Letter Urging US To Share Data, Research, And Supplies With China

KGB Corn Pop

War Room rips “Conservative, Inc.” for focusing on Mr. Potato Head while the country lies in the balance, and delves into another Joe Biden lie where Putin is his next “Corn Pop.”

Plus, was the latest Daily Mail story on the Wuhan lab a leak or a brief?

Daily Mail: Wuhan lab theory ABANDONED by joint WHO-Beijing team investigating Covid-19 origins


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