Stephen K. Bannon blasted the Biden regime for sending “two pencil necks” who are compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, ahead of its meeting in Alaska.

Bannon said the CCP is engaged in “unrestricted warfare” against the United States, and Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken are not going to hold them accountable.

“You’ve got two pencil necks out there who are also completely compromised,” Bannon said, noting Sullivan’s connections to the CCP-linked Harvard Belfar Center.

“They’re taking money with both fists,” Bannon said.

Bannon also criticized the New York Times front page, which claimed Biden is engaging in a “pivotal reset” with the CCP with “diplomacy.”

“Diplomacy means kowtow,” said Bannon. “And it gets us in the same situation that allows this trans national terror organization…[with the] CCP virus emanating from the PLA’s bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan…financed by Dr. Fauci.”

“These people are dangerously stupid,” Bannon said of the Biden team, and the Biden family, who are “compromised.”


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