Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she doesn’t need “photo ops” at the border with Kevin McCarthy, she’s releasing legislation that actually fixes the problem.

The Protect America First Act, H.R. 1883, fully funds President Trump’s border wall, puts a four year moratorium on immigration, defunds sanctuary cities, and empowers Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“They have invited the world to come to America,” Greene said of Democrats and Republicans in Congress. Not a single Republican who went with Kevin McCarthy to his border photo op is a cosponsor of Greene’s border security bill.

“I wasn’t invited to go,” Greene said. “I don’t need to go down there for a photo op.”

“I’ve been there before long before I ran for Congress, ” Greene said.

She has seen firsthand the buses the cartels use to “sell bus tickets” to illegally cross the border.

Greene urged listeners to call the Capitol Hill switchboard (202-224-3132) and tell Republicans to sign on.

Stephen K. Bannon said the current Republican leadership is not up to the task, and needs to learn from the Tea Party movement.  

“Kevin McCarthy is too stupid too corrupt too incompetent and too lazy with the other hapless leadership,” he said. “Jim Jordan, you gotta step up here.” 

“It’s now time to fight.”


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