A Quaint $800 Billion

Stephen K. Bannon recalls the quaint days of the “Bridge to Nowhere” and $800 billion stimuluses with Steve Moore.

The chief economist at Freedom Works and close advisor to President Trump warns America is printing money like a third world country.

“Show me anywhere where that story has a happy ending,” Moore said. “Because I can’t find one.”

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Dr. Peter Navarro discusses the Biden economy and what to expect ahead. 

“We’re essentially in Brave New World right now,” with the debt said Stephen K. Bannon. He described the situation as “OBE” — overcome by events.

Navarro says the Chinese Communist Party have “dealt a fundamental harsh structural blow” to our economy that will not come back the same. 

“The best case scenario is all this money works and we have a fine econmy and we have all this debt and we crash later on,” Navarro said.

But stagflation — inflation along with a recession — is far more likely, he said.

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Stolen Elections Have Consequences

Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discuss just how little millennials understand what’s coming with the economy. Once a country surpasses 100 percent of GDP with debt, “your economy basically gets shredded,” said Bannon, and never comes back.

“None of us are going to be prepared should the worst happen,” Kassam said.

Peter Navarro says we are “in very dangerous waters right now” with the economy.

“Stolen elections have consequences,” Navarro said.

“The difference between that $2 trillion Biden package versus what it looked like under Trump,” he said. “The difference between those packages are night and day. Prosperity and poverty.

“Again, these are choices,” Navarro said.

Another Perfect Call

Bannon and Kassam discuss Biden’s gag order on border agents and the fake news Washington Post responds to Raheem, refusing to retract their false story about President Trump and Georgia. 

The Post said it doesn’t have to retract its publication of something President Trump never said because their fake news story “it conveyed the substance.”


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