Let’s Roll

Filmmaker John Spiropoulos joins War Room on his new project Let’s Roll America, on how to get America back to work and back in school.

His latest shows the detrimental effects of the lockdowns on students.

“This is the first report on the shut downs impact on students,” he said.

The film features Lydia Friend, the founder of Women of Watts, and one woman who is taking on the teachers’ union in Los Angeles.

“They say the issue is safety, I say the issue is politics,” said Friend. “They’re just used to getting a paycheck and staying at home.” 

WATCH: Back to School Rally

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This is How Change Comes About

Lydia Friend says “without God we can’t do it.” War Room reacts to her powerful interview.

“That is a woman who’s not going to back down an inch,” Bannon said. “This is how this country gets turned around.”

“The political class has gotten indifferent” to the concerns of the working class, Bannon said.

“No, it’s hostility,” said Raheem Kassam. “Lydia is in the way of total full control.”

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Doesn’t Jive

Venture capitalist Dave Ramaswamy previews the Biden regime’s meeting with China and says at some point the solar panel con has to be exposed.

“The making of solar panels is extremely energy intensive. It uses coal, it uses quartz and much of it is done in China and in the province of Xinjiang,” Ramaswamy said.

Democrats have to reconcile “between their personally preferred policy and what’s going on to make it happen,” he said. “The two don’t jive.”

Plus, Ramaswamy explains the goal of the Quad states efforts to confront China.

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