War Room reacted to the explosive new Project Veritas video of a senior Facebook executive discussing Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for eugenics and artificial intelligence.

“This is chilling when you hear this executive,” said Bannon.

The executive Benny Thomas, heads Facebook’s “global planning” unit. Thomas is caught on the video saying Zuckerberg should be removed as CEO and warns against the technology Facebook is developing.

Thomas said CRISPR, gene modification technology through artifical intelligence that Zuckerberg is involved in, is “eugenics.”

“I don’t know any way to stop it,” Thomas said.

“AI is essentially evolving to become like human intelligence,” Thomas said. “And then it’s going to go beyond human intelligence. And at that point humans are expendable.”

Hear what he was saying about transhumanism, about artifical intelligence, about the E word, eugenics,” Bannon said.

“This thing is out in the open but nobody wants to talk about it,” he said. “They want eternal life for themselves.”

Bannon called for Facebook to be broken up. “It’s too out of control.”

“This can’t be the same Mark Zuckerberg who paid all that money into counties across America to have the election end a certain way?” said Raheem Kassam.

“The guy who influenced the elections is the same guy who owns all the data, is the same guy talking about eugenics,” he said.

“Delete your Facebook accounts,” Kassam added.


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