Woke Corporations 

War Room begins on woke corporations Coca Cola, Home Depot getting their marching orders from Stacey Abrams. 

John Fredericks updates the status of the two election reform bills working their way in Georgia.

“This is the center of the universe down there,” said Bannon. “You got the a forensic audit that could change the whole nation, and put into question the whole legitimacy of Biden.

“This is everything,” he said. “Georgia is the center of it.”

Coca-Cola and Home Depot come out against GOP-led Georgia election reform push

“Sue Me.”

Raheem Kassam has two words for Col. Vindman after reading his 900-word whine-fest in Lawfare.

Alex Vindman Wants to Sue People Who Were Mean to Him Online

Open Borders Unholy Alliance

John Fredericks explains the sources of the “unholy alliance of all time” between Republicans and Democrats. Cheap labor and cheap votes makes them both push for open borders.

War Room reacts to threats from “wimp” Col. Vindman, and anxiously await discovery if he follows through on suing people whose opinions he doesn’t like.

Raheem Kassam walks through another Washington Post story that reveals the Capitol not being protected on January 6 was the result of the military establishment and the media.

Giuliani lays out why President Trump could sue the Post for defamation for their false story about Georgia.

Washington Post: Army initially pushed to deny District’s request for National Guard before Jan. 6

The ‘E’ Word

War Room discusses the explosive new Project Veritas video of a senior Facebook executive discussing Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for eugenics and artificial intelligence.

“This is chilling when you hear this executive,” said Bannon.

“The guy who influenced our elections is the same guy who owns all the data…is now talking about eugenics?” asked Kassam.

“Delete your Facebook accounts.”

WATCH: ‘They Must Be Stopped’…Facebook executive caught discussing Zuckerberg’s plans for eugenics, AI, ‘humans are expendable’

Facebook exec recorded saying company ‘too powerful’


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