Mike Lindell says his faith in Jesus Christ has made his time of testing easy to get through.

“We all pray when times are bad,” Lindell told War Room, Monday. “Everybody prayed this election would be overturned and it didn’t happen.  It was on God’s timing.” 

Lindell explained things you pray for “might not be God’s will.” “Where you find God’s will is in the word,” he said.

“I pray every day for wisdom, for discernment,” Lindell explained.

Lindell said since he fully surrendered to God in February 2017 he does not have any fear but fear of the Lord.

The left is attacking Lindell and his company since he came out as a fierce fighter against the fraudulent election on Nov. 3. Lindell says he has three counter lawsuits that not only will expose the fraud, but defend freedom of speech, and go after the anonymous online bots behind cancel culture./

“This is a big spiritual battle between good and evil,” he said. “It’s not Republican or Democrat.”

“This is a battle of good and evil,” Lindell said. “This is an evilness that has attacked our country.”

Lindell also gave a message for Americans and young people in despair.

“God is showing us look at the direction of this country when we turned away from God,” he said.

Lindell urged every one to “pray for God’s grace,” and for everyone to keep the faith.

“When we get through this it’s going to be the greatest revival ever,” he said.


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