Hardliners vs. Super Hawks 

Stephen K. Bannon hosts hour two of an explosive special on how the Chinese Communist Party is at war with the world. Bannon explains the difference between hardliners and super hawks like him who want to dismantle the CCP “brick by brick.”

“They are a transnational criminal organization that has oppressed the Chinese people now for 70 years,” Bannon said.

Plus, Bannon explains how China’s war against America is actually being financed by you, the deplorables.

The Pivot Was a Sell Out

Bannon and co-host Frank Gaffney trace the beginnings of America’s selling out to none other than Joe Biden.

Learn why the “Pivot to Asia” was the “central biggest debacles in American foreign policy history.”

“This is why Hunter Biden’s on the plane all the time,” Bannon said. “He’s just following his dad.”

What Did You Do in the People’s War?

Stephen K. Bannon says the “hour is late” and the time to become a force multiplier is now.

“This is going to be a moment in history,” Bannon says, which will be defined by what average Americans did to stop a communist takeover.

Speaking of communists…Trevor Loudon, political activist and author, reveals bombshell ties between the Chinese Communist Party and the Democrat Party. Loudon traces the takeover to infiltrating the labor unions in the 1990s. The key players: Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Bennie Thompson.

Bombshell: Biden nominee Deb Haaland for the Interior Department — which controls 20 percent of America’s land mass and all the energy that comes with it — was orchestrated by the pro-China Communist Party USA.

Visit: TrevorLoudon.com

CALL: Members of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Read Trevor Loudon at the Epoch Times.

The CCP: The Biggest Killing Machine in Human History

Steven Mosher, who was cancelled before it was cool, says China’s war against humanity begins with the war on Chinese humanity.

Mosher reveals the Chinese Communist Party is the “biggest killing machine in human history.” The regime has killed at least 90 million adults and 400 million unborn — nearly a half a billion people — through forced abortions.

Mosher says China will reap what it sows with its one child policy, and soon have too few young people in a civilization “on the decline.”

Stephen K. Bannon is not so sure.

“It may not be homospaians,” he said. “They’ve got a different deal they’re working on.”

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War of Ideas

Frank Gaffney and Steven Mosher give final thoughts on how to comabt the CCP.

Gaffney says it’s imperative to label China a transnational criminal organization. One, to delegitimize them. And two, to put on notice all of the CCP’s accomplices on Wall Street and in the Party of Davos. 

Mosher says to win the war of ideas, “we not only have to defend our American way of life, we have to attack the weaknesses” of the CCP.

Plus, Mosher reacts to the Biden regime’s upcoming meeting.

“I hope they do not sell Alaska to China.” 

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