Gordon Chang warns the coronavirus will not be the last virus from the Chinese Communist Party, and the next will be designed to kill entire civilizations.

“We’ve obviously got to do something and the reason is this is not the last pathogen that will come from Chinese soil,” Chang told War Room on Saturday.

“Xi Jinping now knows he can spread disease virtually without cost,” Chang said.

Chang said the United States must establish deterrence, because the next virus will be far worse — and China will be immune.

“China is working on pathogens that will leave the Chinese alone,” Chang said. “The Chinese will be immune. But they will sicken everyone else.

“China is working on civilization killers,” he said. “This could leave China as the only viable society.”

Frank Gaffney, cofounder of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, said what’s worse is American taxpayers are paying for their own demise.

The CCP’s illegal gain of function research, which makes viruses more lethal and more contagious, in Wuhan, was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

“A guy named Fauci [was] responsible for a $3.7 million grant in 2015,” Chang said.

Chang said it is “indefensible” that this research, which is illegal in the U.S., was outsourced to China.

Gaffney noted China has a decades-long goal to depopulate the United States so the excess population of China could colonize it.

“We were one of the ethnicities that they had in mind for this purpose going back to 1991,” he said.

“Could it be possible that this gain of function experimentation being funded by taxpayers is in part enabling the generation of the ethnically targeted techniques by which we those very same taxpayers will be eliminated by Communist China?” Gaffney asked.

“You got that exactly right,” Chang said. “There’s no question about it.”

“It’s suicidal,” Gaffney said.


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