Real America’s Voice host Tudor Dixon reports on the growing Gretchen Whitmer nursing home scandal. Rather than just sending positive covid patients into nursing homes, Whitmer paid them to do it. 

Dixon said Whitmer is “smug” and “arrogant” for refusing to turn over documentation related to her nursing home edicts.

“What do you think that means?” Dixon asked. “You were paid to take patients into nursing homes.”

The policy incentivized nursing homes to take patients who were not even normal residents of the nursing home. Dixon cited one example of a home taking an autistic man who ended up beating a resident, who later died.

Dixon also told the tragic story of her grandmother’s death in a Michigan nursing home.

“We watched my grandmother die through the window of her nursing home,” said Dixon. “She paid nursing homes to take patients back that tested positive for covid.

“I had a negative covid test,” Dixon said. “[Whitmer] wouldn’t let me say bye to my grandmother.”


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