War Room reacts to Joe Biden’s “pathetic” address, which was not from the oval office because Biden can no longer command a room. 

Stephen K. Bannon reacts to images of Biden from just a few years ago to today: “That thing is scary.”

“I’m not saying it is a clone or he’s been body snatched,” said Raheem Kassam, “but you would be forgiven if you think that.”

“Man, That Thing Is Scary!” – Steve Bannon and War Room Shocked at Joe Biden’s Dead, Black Eyes During COVID Address 


Bannon rips Mitch McConnell’s “hapless” and “feckless” leadership against Biden. Co-host Jenny Beth Martin explains how Democrats are rewarding failure with the covid bail out of lock down states.

Plus, more evidence-based data on why Joe Biden definitely did not get 81 million votes. Kassam reports Biden’s address got 27,000 views on YouTube, with 541 likes, while 7,700 people gave it a thumbs down.

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Game On

Tom Del Beccaro, chairman of Rescue California, reports the recall Gavin Newsom effort has surpassed its goal of over 2 million signatures.

“It is game on,” Del Beccaro said. 

Plus, one-third of the signatures are from non-Republicans.

Support: RescueCalifornia.org

Democrats, You’ve Got a Michigan Problem

Real America’s Voice host Tudor Dixon reports on the growing Gretchen Whitmer nursing home scandal. Rather than just sending positive covid patients into nursing homes, Whitmer paid them to do it. 

“We watched my grandmother die through the window of her nursing home,” said Dixon. “She paid nursing homes to take patients back that tested positive for covid. I had a negative covid test, she wouldn’t let me say bye to my grandmother.”

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