My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is not going down without a fight.

 “I’m coming for all you people,” Lindell told War Room, Thursday. Lindell said he is investigating Dominion and other groups working behind the scenes to destroy his company and reputation.

Lindell said he is “not just taking down this fake election but all these groups involved” who are cancelling anyone who dares mention election fraud.

Lindell says work continues to expose voter fraud across the country. From Maricopa County, Arizona where a judge ordered an audit on 2.1 million ballots, to Antrim County, Michigan. 

“We’re getting to all these machines,” he said. “We’re doing simulated elections in states where you didn’t even think there was voter fraud.”

“People wanted to get involved and they are and it’s amazing,” Lindell said of the support he’s received.


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