Gab CEO Andrew Torba responded to Greg Abbott and said the Texas governor should expect some company this primary season.

“Gab is not an anti-Semitic platform,” Torba said. “I don’t even know what that means.” 

Torba told War Room Abbott’s smear of gab as an “anti-Semitic” platform came out of nowhere, and his company received no contact from Texas or the Texas GOP.

“Just last week [Abbott] announced that he was going to take a stand against big tech censorship,” Torba said. “Meanwhile last year he signed a deal with Amazon.”

“He’s making multibillion deals with Big Tech companies like Amazon and bashing Big Tech competitors like Gab,” Torba added.

The platform has 5 million active users, and many reside in Texas, Torba said.

“We have a lot of voters that are in texas,” he said. ” He’s going to pay the price come primary season.”

Torba questioned why Abbott would single out a free speech platform like Gab for offensive content. Gab does not allow criminal activity, but it also does not censor speech.

“That type of content is all over the internet and I would argue it’s much more prominent on Twitter and Facebook,” Torba said.

“Does the Ayatollah of Iran have a Gab account?” asked Raheem Kassam.

“No,” Torba said.

“And the Ayatollah of Iran does have a Twitter account?” Kassam said.



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