This is the Fight Club

War Room begins with one of the strongest fighters for the MAGA movement, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is busy getting ready to sue Austin for its illegal mask mandate.

Paxton is putting the Biden regime on notice over the so-called Equality Act that will “eviscerate” women’s sports. Plus, Paxton updates what Texas is doing to combat Biden’s border crisis.

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READ Paxton’s Letter: ‘Travis County and Austin have a few hours to comply with state law or I’ll sue them’

San Francisco Bail Out

Stephen K. Bannon explains what’s really in the radical covid relief bill. John Fredericks gives an update on the two election reform bills working their way in Georgia. But they won’t fix what happened on Nov. 3.

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Existential Threat to the Uniparty

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins War Room in studio for an inspiring interview. Greene uncovers how the corrupt system in D.C. really works, and proves why she is an existential threat to it.

Plus, Greene tells her story of why she left the American Dream behind to come to the “sh*thole” that is the swamp.

“I don’t want to be here at all,” she said. “I gave up an awesome life. I gave up an American Dream to come into this what I consider to be a shi*hole because I’m pissed off because I’m watching the greatest country in the world on fire and burning down. And this is going to affect my children and my grandchildren.”


Marjorie’s Marching Orders

Rep. Greene explains how MAGA can do what she did to affect real change. For starters, stop being a “social media complainer” and start getting involved.

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