Trump’s Always Right

War Room discusses the continuing fallout of the Markles trashing the crown. Jason Miller says Meghan Markle has reunited the United States and Great Britain in a way not seen since the second world war. President Trump sent a message to Miller just before he went on air.

“You could make a little news on Meghan,” President Trump said. “She’s no good. I said she’s no good and now everybody’s seeing it.”

Miller said Trump called it just like he did with Anthony Weiner’s laptop. 

FLASHBACK President Trump: “I wish a lot of luck to Harry cause he’s gonna need it.”

Silver Alert for Joe Biden

Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller explain why Joe Biden won’t be doing an address to a joint session of Congress. Miller says Biden’s recent trip to a hardware store “looked like a silver alert”

“He just doesn’t have the fortitude to give a state of the union like a joint session address,” Miller said.

Plus, Jason Miller says President Trump is “a lot more engaged than people realize” and working behind the scene to fight H.R. 1. and elect America First populists.

Biden’s Handlers Aggressively Shoo Away Reporters Asking Questions About the Border Crisis After His Brief Remarks at DC Hardware Store 

Defund the RINOs

Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller wonder why Elise Stefanik doesn’t have Liz Cheney’s job in GOP leadership. Miller gives insight into how “fired up” President Trump is about the RNC using him to fundraise for traitors who backed the sham impeachment.

“You are not to use his likeness or image without permission,” Miller said. President Trump isn’t going to let people raise money off him that is “going to help RINOs or picking bad candidates.”

I heard the Lincoln Project has ‘numerous openings’: President Trump nukes Karl Rove

Bought and Paid For

War Room says Joe Biden is already capitulating to the Chinese Communist Party before he’s even had a meeting. 

“Donald J. Trump for the first time in history stood up and said hey these are bad people, they’re an existential threat to all of us and I’m going to confront them,” Bannon said.

Now, Biden is setting a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska to be “deferential” to the Chinese.

“How are they even agreeing to a meeting before we start to get to the bottom of what’s going on with the uighurs,” Bannon said.

US and China lay groundwork for first high-level meeting under Biden


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