Joe Biden already capitulated to the Chinese Communist Party before he even has a meeting. 

“Donald J. Trump for the first time in history stood up and said, ‘Hey these are bad people…they’re an existential threat to us at every level and I’m going to confront them,’” Bannon said.

Now, Biden is setting a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska to be “deferential” to the Chinese.

“Joe Biden hasn’t even had a meeting yet and he’s already capitulating and saying we’re going to move it halfway to you to be nice,” Miller said.

“They’ve already caved,” he said.

“How are they even agreeing to a meeting before Beijing starts to address…before we start to get to the bottom of what’s going on with the uighurs?” Bannon said.

“This is why it matters when we talk about the foreign cash and the Bidens being bought and paid for,” Miller said.

Biden’s weakness on China comes as a senior admiral warned China is building up its military to try to supplant the U.S.

“And you the taxpayer out there right now are fully financing their military with the interest you’re paying on our national debt on the bonds they owe,” Bannon said.


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