Rep. Matt Gaetz says the transition of power from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris may already be underway.

After Rasmussen reported half the country does not believe Biden is mentally or physically up to the job, Gaetz told War Room not to expect Biden to be around long.

“I think it is reasonable to ask if the transition to Harris has already begun,” he said.

“With Biden pushing her to meet with more world leaders, with Democrats on the Armed Services Committee sending a letter to Biden wanting to diminish his ability to have full control over the nuclear arsenal, we are seeing a Joe Biden who I think is diminished,” Gaetz said.

“When you look at the procedures underway, it would not be unreasonable to think we won’t see Joe Biden as a candidate in 2024,” he said. “We’ll see Kamala Harris running as the incumbent.”

Gaetz said Biden’s lack of fitness is not stopping his regime from building out a bureaucracy.

“Joe Biden may be asleep at the wheel, but the car is still moving and it’s coming in our direction,” he said.


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