Stephen K. Bannon responded to the Republican National Committee’s attempt to keep fundraising off of President Trump while giving the money to those who backstabbed him during the stolen election and impeachment.

“They’ve raised a ton of money off this guy, they’re giving money to the 10 traitors who turned their back on President Trump,” Bannon said. “He doesn’t want money to be raised for them. I think it’s a pretty standard request.”

President Trump sent a cease and desist letter to the RNC and others who are using his likeness to fundraise, without his approval.

Now, the same legal team at the RNC who did not fight the stolen election wants to use President Trump to raise money for themselves.

“Justin Riemer was let go after Nov. 3 because of emails that he sent that were negative about the president’s team that were fighting this thing,” Bannon said. “And I know this happened because they brought in an acting general counsel.”

“How is this guy sending any letters and what is Ronna [McDaniel], what are they doing over there?” Bannon said. “This guy was fired. I think by order of the president. Why is he back at the RNC? Why is he sending a shot across the bow to Donald J. Trump?”

“The establishment of course they realize no matter how much they disdain President Trump…President Trump is the leader of this party,” said former Trump 2020 senior advisor Boris Epshteyn. “He’s the lifeblood. And guess what? If you want to raise any money you have to use President Trump.”

Bannon said the RNC must support MAGA policies and the America First agenda, instead of using “deadbeats” to send “snarky letters” to President Trump.

“We just don’t need another group of deadbeats,” he said. 

“It’s up to the audience to let the RNC know how they feel about this,” said Raheem Kassam.

Rep. Matt Gaetz called the establishment GOP “clowns” who think MAGA voters are dumb enough to still donate to them.

Gaetz said Donald Trump has made a fortune off his own brand. “I don’t think he’s going to let he clowns that are currently in the Republican leadership make a mess of it,” he said.

The letter to President Trump is “the establishment again trying to reconstitute power,” Gaetz said.

“MAGA is not dumb,” he said. “If the president doesn’t want us to give to the RNC, I don’t think people are going to continue to do that.”

“They’re going to give to the vision that they support and that motivates and inspires them,” Gaetz said.


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