Markle Presses Every Woke Button

Nigel Farage sounds off on the Markles, calling their interview with Oprah “despicable.” Farage calls Markle a “b-list actress” who has ruined “weak” Harry through her manipulation.

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Megyn Kelly rips Meghan Markle as ‘un-self-aware’ after Oprah interview

Biden regime says Harry and Meghan oprah interview took ‘courage’

Meghan and Harry’s sensational claims fact-checked: The truth about that secret wedding and whether Archie really should have been a prince

One Party Nation

Ken Blackwell reveals the threat of H.R. 1 to our constitutional republic. The federal power grab would institutionalize the steal on Nov. 3 and turn America into a one party nation. 

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Blackwell: Stop H.R. 1’s Socialist Power Grab

Meghan’s Political Ambitions?

Anna Paulina Luna, former congressional candidate, says Meghan Markle has political ambitions. Plus, Luna comments on the GOP establishment’s failure when it comes to Hispanic outreach, and the threat of H.R. 1.

“It’s going to be almost impossible for us to win,” Lunda says. The bill would legalize ballot harvesting, register illegal aliens, and make fraud-ridden mail-in ballots universal, she said.

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Stand in the Breach

War Room co-host Eric Greitens discusses the multi-layered attack from the left, and how to defeat it and outwork them on the ground.

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