Nigel Farage said Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah was “despicable.”

Farage said Markle is a “b-list actress” who ruined “weak” Harry.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful,” he said. “Nobody discriminated against her on the grounds of race at any moment in time.”

Farage said Markle pressed “every woke button” imaginable in the interview, which the Biden regime praised as courageous.

“To wash your family’s dirty linen in public is a bad thing for any of us to do as ordinary citizens,” Farage said. “To do it as a grandson of a woman who turns 95 next month and has given 70 years of service to over 2 billion people in the commonwealth.”

“Frankly, Steve, I think it’s despicable,” he said.

Farage added the problems for the disgruntled royals began after they were exposed as hypocrites.

“It started to go wrong when they decided to lecture us about climate change while at the same time flying around the world in private jets,” he said. “This is when the whole mental trauma started.” 


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