Dr. Peter Navarro said Tony Fauci is responsible for the Chinese Communist Party virus.

“Fauci is arguably the source of the CCP virus,” he told War Room, during a special on “Death by the CCP.” “You can make a very strong argument that he is the fountainhead.”

Navarro says Fauci was the driving force behind bringing gain of function research, which manipulates virus to weaponize them, to China.

“Fauci was the one who was pushing gain of function in China — not for the U.S. — for the Chinese,” Navarro said.

“He was pushing for them to get P4 labs,” Bannon said. Navarro said the Wuhan P4 lab is a bioweapons lab.

“We’ve got a virus that’s killed over a half a million Americans,” Navarro said. “And the guy who the left trusts the most…may well be the guy who caused this for lobbying for money to go to those labs.”

“If I took that script to Hollywood they would say that’s over the top fiction,” he said. “When in fact, it’s fact.”


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