Portrait artist Leigh Brown shares her personal journey escaping the left-wing bubble. Brown went from breakdown at President Trump’s victory in 2016 to embracing Trump’s policies in nine months.  

“I remember people saying, ‘if you’re surprised Trump won you live in a bubble,’” she said. “It was and I didn’t know. All creatives are pretty much the same. You don’t really hear opinions outside of that unless you’re open to it.”

Brown exposed herself to the right through her work, and did portraits of Stephen K. Bannon. At first she began drawing President Trump as a troll, but then began exploring populist ideas.

Now Brown is on the receiving end of other “creatives confessions,” as artists and designers confide in her that they support Trump, too.

“That right there is why they have the censoring and the cancelling,” said Amanda Milius. “Because they know that if you do anything but hear their narrative, if you even as a critic just look at the subject for yourself, even wanting to judge it badly.

“You will be red pilled,” she said.

Brown says it took at least 9 months to inform herself and “unlearn” left-wing propaganda.

“It took a while to get there,” she said. “The process takes a long time, especially when you’ve been so browbeat with propaganda.

“It takes a long time to unlearn that on your own,” Brown said.


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