A Time for Courage

War Room explains how you can get engaged. “The only way we’re going to save this republic is through human agency,” says Stephen K. Bannon. 

Raheem Kassam reports the memory hole is alive and well after Twitter posthumously stripped Andrew Breitbart of his blue check mark. 

“Name me in human history a single regime, administration, republic, whatever, that believes in the banning of books, the policing of speech, the outlawing of political parties,” Kassam said. “Name me a single one of those that turned out to be the good guys.”  

Twitter Posthumously Strips Andrew Breitbart Of Verified, Blue Check Status

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Socialism vs. Hamburgers

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, says the leadership of the GOP is still trying and failing to play the toxic globalists’ identity politics game.

Beattie says the the GOP is stuck in the 1980s using what he calls “Socialism vs. Hamburgers” dumbed-down version of politics.

“Socialism is this vocabulary that they have that doesn’t describe anything that’s actually going on in the streets,” he said.

Besides, socialism is kind of weak when you have “lock down policies associated with the greatest transfer of wealth in history from the Middle Class to the oligarch class. And then giving people $600 checks.”

“That’s not socialism,” Beattie said. “That’s an oligarchy. That’s what we have now.”

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The Most Massive Wealth Transfer in History

Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project, explains how the “billionaires became kazillionaires” in the lockdowns.

Kline explains why America having “the most regulated barber shops in history” previewed the lock downs, where only big business can comply with government mandates.

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China for a Year

Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam say all liberals are now on board with Thomas Friedman wanting the Chinese Communist Party’s model “for a day.” 

“The liberals are now gone,” he said. “This progressive left, and this progressive fascism, they admire the model of the Chinese Communist Party. They may not want the concentration camps. But they want the authority.”

“AOC says she’s making lists,” said Kassam. “What do you do with lists like that?” 

Kassam said with the lock downs and now occupied D.C. Friedman’s wishes are coming to fruition.

“We haven’t had it for a day,” Kassam said. “We’ve had it for a year.”

Congressional Black Caucus & Biden HUD Nominee Sent Constituents On Chinese Govt-Paid Trips To Laud “Amazing Communist Country.”

Politifact Founder Was “Journalist In Residence” At Chinese Communist Influence Group.

FLASHBACK: Thomas Friedman Dreams of ‘One-Party Autocracy’ and China for a Day


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