State-Sponsored Doxxing

Day 55 of the D.C. occupation that even Eleanor Holmes Norton thinks looks like a third world country dictatorship trying to keep the people out. First up, War Room recaps its special on the Global Rise of Anti-Semitism.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R., Colo.) joins the show on the dangers of H.R. 1 and the Equality Act. Boebert says the radical federalization of elections would lead to state-sponsored doxxing, banning of voter ID, and the cancellation of the Electoral College.

Boebert says “there’s nothing about equality” in the Equality Act. It’s about “supremacy” of LGBT individuals and “putting them higher than everyone else.”

Eleanor Holmes Norton Introduces Bill To Ban Permanent Fencing Around The Capitol

We Will Take Back the House

Rep. Boebert discusses being a mom to four boys in today’s America, shares who is America First’s greatest ally in the House, and gives her plan for taking back the chamber in 2022.


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Follow the Votes

Boris Epshteyn updates on the coming forensic audit in Maricopa County of 2.1 million ballots.

“As long as this audit is honest…I believe it’s going to show what we’ve been talking about,” he said. “All kinds of voting irregularities and voting fraud. It happened.”

“Now other states can follow their lead,” says Eric Greitens.

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State senate granted access to Maricopa County ballots, but what happens now?

Our Border is Blowing Up

Steve Cortes rips Larry Kudlow and Rep. Maria Salazar for calling for a “retreat back to a place of corporatist globalism within the GOP,” and incentivizing illegal immigration into the United States.

Cortes says “our border is blowing up right now,” and the last thing we need is amnesty and an infusion of cheap labor in an already fragile economy.

‘A train wreck of bad policy from Rep. Salazar and Kudlow’

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