It’s Our Country, We Have to Fight For It

War Room hosts a special on the global rise of anti-Semitism. Rabbi Aryeh Spero begins with a prayer for the nation, and explains the new and more dangerous form of anti-Semitism coming from the left.

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What the Left Really Hates

Ellie Cohanim, the special envoy combatting anti-Semitism in the Trump administration, explains why campuses are ground zero in the battle against anti-Semitism. Plus, Cohanim offers insights into the importance of the “warm peace” of the Abraham Accords. 

Raheem Kassam says the root of hatred of Israel on the left comes from animosity towards nation states.

What the really hates is the idea of the nation state. 

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One Standard Against Hate

Dr. Gad Saad tells his personal story of fleeing Lebanon and why he still faces anti-Semitism now living in the West.

“I grew up in the context of endemic Jew hatred,” he said. “If it’s sunny today it’s the Jews, if it’s rainy today it’s the Jews, if you have diabetes it’s the Jews, if your wife cheats on you it’s the Jews.”

“You cannot allow it to be normalized,” Dr. Saad said. “If you see bigotry fight against it.”

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Dov Hikind, former New York state assemblyman, discusses his group Americans Against Anti-Semitism. Hikind says the solution is “have one standard when it comes to hate you have to speak out wherever it’s coming from.”

“They love to attack people on the right but they don’t look in the mirror to see what’s going on in the Democratic Party,” he said.

Hikind blasted SNL for its segment anti-Semitic segment on Israel and the vaccine. “This is very sick stuff,” he said. 

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SNL gag that Israel only vaccinating Jews is ‘anti-Semitic lie’

When Not Enough Regular People Stand Up

Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz says bigotry increases when not enough regular people stand against it. Rabbi Hirshy cited the recent example of a Jewish family kicked off Frontier airlines.

“If enough people will lend a hand and take a stand that’s when it starts to change,” he said.

“If I’m in that airport when such a thing goes down…every person should feel the obligation to stand up and let the world know this is not who we are.”

Flight attendants ‘cheer and high-five’ as Hasidic Jewish family of 22 are kicked off  a plane in New York because their 15-month-old son ‘wasn’t wearing a mask’

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