4th Grade Pen Pals with Xi

War Room discusses Andrew Cuomo’s latest scandal and Natalie Winters exposes what the Chinese Communist Party is doing in our elementary schools.

Winters explains how Confucius Institutes have infiltrated American education at all levels, using funding to push policies favorable to the Chinese Communist Party. As a result, American fourth graders are pen pals with dictator Xi Jinping.


Biden State Dept Lead Says She SUPPORTS Chinese Propaganda In US Schools.

Cuomo accused of harassment, ‘hostility’ and ‘dirty tricks’ against woman while HUD chief

Most Pro-Life Ever

Pam Pryor, former Acting Assistant Secretary for International Organizations at the State Department, goes through the incredible record of President Trump.

Pryor says President Trump is the “most pro-religious freedom and pro-life president ever.” Pryor reacts to the dismantling of the hard work of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by the Biden regime.

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More Than Shares and Likes

Captain Maureen Bannon explains the soul-crushing Equality Act that will give men an unequal advantage to take over women’s sports.

Jeff Brain, CEO of Clouthub, says his platform is what you would get if Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all merged — without your data being mined.

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Dr. Seuss Struggle Sessions 

War Room discusses the latest struggle sessions from America’s cultural revolution.

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Biden Regime memory holes Dr. Seuss


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