Rosemary Jenks, president of NumbersUSA, reports the Biden regime wants to add 37 million legal and illegal immigrants.

The equivalent of the population of California would receive green cards and a path to citizenship over 10 years. The total includes amnesty and the doubling of legal immigrants entering the country every year under the Biden plan.

“The cost of that is the destruction of our country,” Jenks told War Room on Tuesday. “We will lose our country.”

Stephen K. Bannon said an influx of tens of millions of illegal aliens means, “the corporations are going to get what they want, they’re going to flood the zone with cheap labor.”

Jenks said the Biden amnesty is “more radical than anything I have ever seen.” The massive amnesty calls for zero enforcement, while the regime is actually inviting the next flood of illegal aliens.

This week the White House told illegal immigrants, “We are not saying don’t come, we’re saying don’t come now.”

“If you want to preserve this country you cannot support this,” Jenks said.


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