Boris Epshteyn said it’s not too late to remove Liz Cheney from Republican leadership and be replaced by Elise Stefanik.

“Liz Cheney does not represent the Republican Party, she doesn’t represent the Repubilcan Party of Wyoming or the people of Wyoming,” Epshteyn told War Room Monday evening. “So how she could be the number three most powerful person in the GOP section of Congress?”

“We cannot have Liz Cheney in leadership because she doesn’t speak for the party,” he said.

Epshteyn urged Kevin McCarthy to hold another vote, and remove Cheney from her top three position.

“Leader McCarthy should call another vote and this time not whip votes to keep Liz Cheney as conference chair because she absolutely doesn’t belong there,” he said. “And the people of Wyoming are more likely than not not going to send her back. So why have a conference chair who’s probably not going to be there in 2 years?

“Somebody like Elise Stefanik or Lee Zeldin would make a great conference chair,” Epshteyn said.

The former top Trump 2020 campaign advisor also commented on President Trump’s speech at CPAC.

Epshteyn said Donald Trump is the “real leader of this country,” and Big Media doesn’t know what to do about it.

“If Barack Obama in February 2017 went and spoke to the Center for American progress or would that make national news?” Epshteyn asked. “Would all the prints be going crazy?”

“It was bigger than the Super Bowl,” Epshteyn said of Trump’s Sunday afternoon speech.


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