Platform for the Deplorables

John Fredericks reports back on the first day of bringing War Room to the Atlanta airwaves. 

Fredericks said the show and Doug Collins new show are so popular they broke the John Fredericks radio show app.

“This is it,” he said. “There is nowhere else to go for free speech but talk radio.”

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Bullish or Bearish?

Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to President Trump’s CPAC speech and gives his assessment of “the rot in the Biden economy.” And for the first time ever, Stephen K. Bannon disagrees on something with Dr. Navarro.

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Extreme TDS

Boris Epshteyn on why the media can’t get over President Trump and why “they’re just not that into” Joe Biden.

Epshteyn gives his take on President Trump’s speech, and says it’s not too late to get Liz Cheney out of leadership.

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War Room Made Me Do It

Dan Schultz returns to update on the MAGA takeover of the Republican Party at the precinct level.

“What we need to happen monthly is…we need to flood these party meetings,” he said. Schultz says with 200,000 vacancies in Republican precinct committeemen “we end up with a split party that’s at half strength.”

Someone who got involved is Steven Stern, a precinct man who’s been in business for 67 years selling American flag shirts.

“You have a voice,” says Stern, and urged others to join the party locally to change it from within. 

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