Attorney General Ken Paxton joins War Room live from CPAC for an update on Texas’s stance against the Biden regime. Paxton said defending religious liberty is “something I’ll die for,” and rated Biden as the most aggressive executive ever.

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Texas AG Paxton wins again in lawsuit over Biden’s 100-day ‘pause’ on deportations

Two Friends of China in the White House

Bannon, Gaffney, and Pryor discuss the stolen election and how to remake the Republican Party through rebranding. Trevor Loudon, researcher extraordinaire about communist infiltration in the U.S., explains why Biden was the most dangerous U.S. senator. 


Orwellian Equality Act

Penny Nance, of Concerned Women for America, explains the grassroots fight against the perfectly Orwellian-named “Equality Act.”

“It redefines sex to mean not sex at all,” she said.

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Presler’s National Tour

Scott Presler reports live from CPAC on his upcoming national tour and says “we’re not waiting for next year to show up.”

Presler says it is the youngest and most diverse CPAC he has ever seen, and tributes it to the America First movement led by President Trump and Ron DeSantis.

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Classic Deep State

Col. (Ret.) John Mills ties together the CCP and election fraud. Mills explains what’s next in investigating the voting machines, and how careerists in intelligence community slow-walked reporting the CCP’s involvement in the election.


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