Is the Air Different in Orlando?

Stephen K. Bannon is joined in studio by Frank Gaffney, who’s been kicked out of CPAC at least 10 times, and warrior for the populist movement Pam Pryor. The special show kicks off with DC Draino and Fleccas, the latest populists to be banished from CPAC.

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The Plot Against the President

Producer Amanda Milius says there is no other leader than President Trump. “The Mitch McConnell’s are done.”

Plus, Milius shares more details of the documentary The Plot Against the President and what’s next for her production company.   

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Xi Fears Christians

Stephen K. Bannon explains why dictator Xi Jinping fears Christians the most. Dede Laugesen, of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, reports 340 million Chrisitians were persecuted globally last year, the most in history. 


Stop the Steal at CPAC

Bernard Kerik reports on the stop the steal movement at CPAC. “Everybody’s talking about it,” he said. “They’re outraged by what happened and they want to get it out.”

Kerik says if Pelosi wants a 9/11-style commission, we must use it to get out “the overwhelming evidence that the election was stolen.”
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Playing for the Other Team

Sam Faddis, former CIA officer, says the Biden regime is totally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. “They’re playing for the other team, that’s where we are,” he says.

In addition, Faddis gave his read on the mood at CPAC: “The energy is the establishment has got to go.”

Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA

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