A Stolen Realignment Election 

On day 49 of the occupation, Rep. Gaetz says he hasn’t seen any intelligence that justifies the troops and wall in D.C. 

Brian Kennedy, of the Committee on the present danger: China, explains how President Trump got over 80 million votes, and what he must do in his speech to CPAC this weekend.

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From the Office of Jack Posobiec

New polling from Rasmussen Reports exclusively shared with War Room, shows 69 percent of Americans view China as an economic threat. Just 31 percent believe Biden, who last week dismissed the CCP’s genocide of Uyghurs as a “cultural norm,” is better towards the communist regime.


Revolving Door Between FBI and Big business

Investigative journalist John Solomon shares his latest report on why the witch hunt against Donald J. Trump was worse than we thought. Plus, Solomon previews whether we’ll get anything from the Durham report, which he expects to finally wrap next month.

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WATCH: Rand Paul questions Dr. Levine on transgender interventions for minors

Trumplify the GOP

Dan Scultz returns to give you the tools to invade and “Trumplify” the GOP.

Matt Gaetz previews his CPAC speech on the people first, political realignment he will keep moving forward with Trump at the helm.

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