Kabuki Theater

Rep. Matt Gaetz joins as co-host of the War Room and calls out the phony vaudeville routine between Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney. John Fredericks reports live from a packed house at CPAC, the biggest event ever held in Orlando. 

Kabuki theater: McCarthy and Liz Cheney ‘clash’ on Trump speaking at CPAC 

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Trump Rates

Biden doesn’t. War Room questions why CPAC even has a straw poll when everyone knows Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee. Matt Gaetz explains the “talent problem” in America and reacts to a potential Herschel Walker Georgia senate run.

Is Herschel Walker the Next GOP Senator From Georgia?

Proud to be a Super Hawk

Stephen K. Bannon calls out “weakness double-talk” from Larry Kudlow and said it’s imperative to confront the Chinese Communist Party.

“We have to confront them, it’s unrestricted warfare,” said Bannon.  Bannon says there’s a reason why he, Mike Pompeo, and Peter Navarro were sanctioned by the CCP and Kudlow wasn’t.

Munger drivel: A little inequality is good for the economy

Cuomo and de Blasio: Dumb and Dumber

Matt Palumbo, content manager for the Bongino Report, previews his book on the decline and fall of New York City and shares the biggest stories he’s following, which doesn’t include Raheem’s latest suspension from Twitter.

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Dozens of House Dems Ask Biden to Give Up Sole Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons

Get the book: Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Balsio Ruinied New York


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