Stephen K. Bannon says it’s time to remove “war criminals” like the Cheneys from the Republican Party.

“I tell you what, in the new Republican Party let’s get rid of the war criminals first,” Bannon said. “That would be your family. Let’s get rid of the war criminals.”

“I found her detestable,” he said.

Bannon was responding to remarks Liz Cheney gave at the Reagan Library, saying she supports a 9/11-style commission for the events on Jan. 6.

“I agree with Liz Cheney,” Bannon said. “Here’s what I recommend we do as a starter. Let’s go back to the 9/11 commission and let’s unredact, let’s get the full unredacted online so everybody can look at what Saudi Arabia’s relationship…It was a bipartisan cover up.”

“Let’s start with a full and frank vetting of your father, who I consider a war criminal,” Bannon said.


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