Dr. Peter Navarro unloads on Dr. Anthony Fauci for yet again moving the goal post on CCP Virus response and playing into China’s hands.

Navarro, who worked alongside Fauci as part of the Trump Administration’s coronavirus response team, describes his tenure as nothing short of disastrous.

“Tony Fauci was riding the World Health Organization’s CCP train,” Navarro said. “He’s a passive aggressive Delta oracle.”

At the start of the pandemic, Navarro notes Fauci’s misleading the American public by claiming there was nothing to worry about.

“This man [Fauci] is the most dangerous person in Joe Biden’s bureaucracy, and Megan McCain is absolutely right — it’s time he goes,” Navarro added.

And it is not just the Beijing party line Fauci serves. Navarro argues that he is working for Big Pharma, against the interests of the American people.

“He’s Big Pharma’s puppet, their tool. He basically tried to take down the President of the United States with his lies.”

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