On Day 47 of the occupation, former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens joins Stephen K. Bannon to demand accountability for the continued presence of troops in our nation’s capital.

“This is Joe Biden’s America, right here in Washington, D.C.,” Greitens said.

For weeks, Bannon has said that authorities must present more than mumblings of “IC chatter” to justify the occupation, which is costing taxpayers hundreds of millions.

Greitens described the grim setting: “You have a giant homeless encampment on one side, and then barbed wire keeping people out on the other.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam added that the number of homeless tents across from the United States Capitol has grown from one to twelve.

“These are anarchists; they don’t care about politicians, they see this as an opportunity to reorient the Republic.”

Greitens says the disgraceful presence of troops demonstrates the Left’s failure to prioritize the interests of the majority of the American people, who want a secure southern border — not in Washington, D.C.


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