Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam are joined by in-studio co-host Eric Greitens, former governor of Missouri and Real America’s Voice News host.

It is Day 47 of the Occupation in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, the Joe Biden regime’s radical nominees are getting a fast pass in the U.S. Senate. The War Room hosts call on Senators to stand up and defend our Republic against Leftist extremism.

American Principles Project’s Jon Schweppe discusses the organization’s efforts to oppose the radical transgenderism being pushed by prospective HHS picks.

Georgia ain’t so peachy

Meanwhile, John Fredericks joins with an update from the ground in Georgia, where the state legislator continues be asleep at the wheel, unwilling to make moves against election fraud and Stacey Abrams’ machine.

Fredericks reacts to the news that Sen. David Perdue has withdrawn from the 2022 race after pressure from the MAGA base.

“We have technocratic Jacobins where the ends justify the means.”


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