This evening’s War Room: Pandemic took us from the U.S. southern border to Michigan.

Real America’s Voice News correspondent Ben Bergquam joined Stephen K. Bannon with an update live from the border. The immigration crisis deteriorates after the Biden regime’s disastrous proposed open-borders bill last week.

Lindell still waiting on Dominion filing

MyPillow CEO Michael J. Lindell joined to inform viewers that Dominion Voting Systems had yet to serve him or his lawyers with the pending lawsuit.

He says they need to so that he may air his evidence legitimately and finally get his day in court.

Fauci fumbles

Dr. Peter Navarro updated viewers on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s latest efforts to mislead the American public.

“He is the most dangerous person in Joe Biden’s bureaucracy.”

Shockingly agreeing with Megan McCain, Navarro is calling on an immediate dismissal of Fauci.


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