Stephen K. Bannon is urging forceful questioning and careful vetting during embattled Dr. Rachel Levine’s upcoming Senate approval hearing for HHS assistant secretary.

Levine, who would be the highest-ranking transgender government official in history if approved, has come under fire for mismanaging COVID-19 as Pennsylvania health chief.

Bannon says the Senate should block out at least a week for Levine’s hearing to allow time for ample questioning.

“Be even-handed, but be firm and aggressive,” he said.

And the major topic Levine must address, according to Bannon, is whether or not he will continue to support the gain-of-function research that likely led to the CCP Virus outbreak in Wuhan.

“Do you support gain-of-function research, and would you finance it?” asked Bannon.

Drs. Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins of the National Institutes of Health have been blasted for not just allowing, but financing this extremely dangerous experimentation in China.

“Dr. Levine, can you walk me through how you’re going to manage the Center for Disease Control?”

“This is the Administrative State,” Bannon added.


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