Inspired by the belief that the election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump, Samantha Strayer heeded Dan Schultz’s advice and volunteered as a precinct committeewoman for her local Republican Party in Michigan.

Strayer said she had conversations with multiple committee members and the chairman, describing her background as a writer to determine the best way for her to get involved and take action.

In the process, it turned out that there were more applicants than spots available — a “good sign,” she says, because it means people are taking the initiative to get involved and reclaim the GOP.

Eventually, she was elected to the executive committee and named communications director this past weekend.

“You’re going to be met with some resistance… but you’re going to find many situations where precincts need all the help they can get,” added Stephen K. Bannon.

“I would love to encourage other listeners — if you love America and think the Founding Fathers are the good guys, not the bad guys… you are totally qualified,” Strayer said. “Whatever you can give, give.”


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