Dr. Peter K. Navarro says taking back the House in 2022 is not enough for the Republican Party. Instead, the candidates who flip seats must be pro-Trump, and staunchly America First.

If the establishment of the GOP retains power, Navarro says, we will never be able to fight back against the radical open borders Left.

“MAGA is a fusion of traditional Republican tax cuts and deregulation with policies that help America’s working class — strength in the American manufacturing base, sealed borders, the end to endless wars,” Navarro said.

“We need a new Senate Majority Leader, we need Jim Jordan over Kevin McCarthy.”

President Trump has committed to reformulating the party in his image ahead of the midterm elections, in which he will certainly remain highly influential.

Recent reporting suggests President Trump has already begun identifying and vetting candidates. He intends to be the presumptive 2024 nominee and to continue to steer the party, Bannon said.


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