Stephen K. Bannon believes President Donald J. Trump will continue to lead the Republican Party until he becomes the nominee for President in 2024.

“President Donald J. Trump has told his inner circle, ‘I am the presumptive nominee in 2024. I am the head of the Republican Party. I am going to take the Republican Party in a direction that is not only going to take the country back from the Democratic Party, but also save the Republic,'” Bannon said.

Steve Cortes noted that Trump has transformed the GOP into a populist, nationalist, working-class party, allowing him to make historic gains with minority-American communities in 2020. In the Bronx, for instance, President Trump garnered a record-breaking percentage for a Republican candidate.

“The only people unaware or unwilling to admit this fact are Swamp Dinosaur office-holders in the halls of Congress and biased media hacks,” Cortes said.

As of Impeachment Day 2.0, 92 percent of Republicans polled wanted President Trump as the nominee in 2024.

“Among Republican voters, this is case closed. We are an America First party, and our leader is Donald J. Trump,” Cortes added.


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