Elections have consequences, and illegal elections have even greater consequences, says Dr. Peter K. Navarro.

One of those consequences? The Biden regime’s open-borders amnesty bill, which will incentivize a record number of illegal aliens to cross the United States southern border in 2021.

“That’s a fact. That will happen,” Navarro told Stephen K. Bannon on Saturday’s War Room: Pandemic broadcast.

Navarro noted that 2019 saw more than one million attempted migrations, but “Herculean efforts” out of the Trump Administration reduced that by roughly 15 percent.

Courtesy Dr. Peter K. Navarro

Now, with Biden’s proposed pathway to citizenship, non-enforcement of existing protocols, and U.S. government “freebies,” Navarro warns we are bound to see an influx.

“There’s plenty of supply south of the border; plenty of demand north of the border.”

Bannon added that the “most radical” bill in history combines the “most onerous parts of the radical Left, Wall Street, and the Chamber of Commerce.”

In addition to exacerbating the immigration crisis, the Biden Administration is also undermining headway made against the Chinese Communist Party by the Trump Administration.

Navarro aired the receipts on all Biden-linked officials bought and paid for by Beijing, and the results aren’t pretty.

All of the Biden Administration officials linked to the Chinese Communist Party, compiled by CCP-sanctioned Dr. Peter K. Navarro

It’s no wonder that one of the Biden regime’s first executive actions unwound the Trump-era ban on Chinese power for our electricity grid.

And, as Navarro notes, dependence on adversaries — particularly our greatest existential threat, the CCP — poses the greatest national security threat to our nation.


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