Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictator Xi Jinping’s single greatest fear is not the American military or economic strength, but rather Christianity in China, says Stephen K. Bannon.

“Understand that in this globalist project, the Party of Davos, President Xi Jinping’s biggest, single fear is evangelical Christianity,” Bannon said. “The prairie fire that can spread through the living gospel of Christ.”

Dating back to the Mao Zedong era and Cultural Revolution, Chinese communists purged Christianity and other religions from the land. House Christians have suffered persecution, torture, and death under the authoritarian regime for decades, as countless whistleblowers have described firsthand on War Room: Pandemic.

Karl Marx once described religion as the opium of the people, pitting radically secular communism against faith. For that reason, communist apparatchiks have stymied organized religion at all costs, supplanting worship of God with worship of the state.

But, once “lao baixing” take down the CCP, Bannon believes Christianity will be an inexorable force on the mainland.

“The leadership of Christianity in the 21st century will come through the freedom of the Chinese people.”


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