Stephen K. Bannon demands to know why emergence response coordinator Vice President Kamala Harris is spending a weekend on the beach as Texans freeze to death in their own homes.

“My understanding is that Kamala Harris is in charge of the emergency response in Texas, yet she’s heading to Los Angeles and taking the weekend off.”

Bannon blasted the mainstream media for its typical hypocrisy. Talking heads have directed vitriol at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who drew criticism this week for flying to Cancun during the extreme weather in Texas. Meanwhile, CNN and other outlets remain mum on Harris.

“How is that any worse than Sen. Ted Cruz, who is not even in the direct chain of command as a U.S. Senator?”

“You couldn’t even come close to saying ‘masterful job’ about how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are handling the situation in Texas.”


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