Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivers a powerful prayer for the nation and for the eternal soul of Rush Limbaugh.


“Father of Mercy, we come to you today with a heavy heart… We have lost a long-time friend, Rush Limbaugh, a man who believed in us as Americans; a champion and cheerleader of America and its founding.”

Spero lamented the end of an era, the end of three hours a day of broadcasting that tens of millions of Americans had carved out. He urged fans and listeners around the nation to take up the mantle and stand for the values to which Rush dedicated his life and illustrious career.

“Each day, as a family of patriots, he sat with us at the head of the table. Who will replace him? We will. All of us who believe in America, God, country, faith, fair play, common-sense reasoning — those proud to be called Americans.”

“Rush had just turned 70. Life ends for all of us, so Lord, teach us to cultivate a wise heart, so that the numbered days of our life are lived with majestic purpose, wisdom, responsibility, heritage, love, and service to you.”

The iconic radio host and conservative trailblazer passed away Wednesday after nearly a yearlong battle against cancer. War Room memorialized Mr. Limbaugh earlier this week, with Bannon calling him the “link” between Reagan and Trump, a “once in a century” genius integral to the MAGA movement.

Last year, Stephen K. Bannon joined Rush for an exclusive interview on the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party, which both men were early to identify as an existential threat.

Though our nation has lost a giant, Spero ended his prayer with a message of optimism that “America will once again overflow with goodness, strength, liberty, prosperity, and devotion to our Constitution.”

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