Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies explains the massive amnesty bill dropped by the Biden regime, noting that it exposes the radical agenda of an increasingly-emboldened Left aiming to eschew American national sovereignty.


“The approach that this bill represents is the idea that any immigrant, any foreigner anywhere in the world has the right to come here, and we don’t have the right to stop them. That’s the animating principle of the hard Left that has come to take over the Democratic Party.”

Krikorian delineated the three prongs of the radical bill, which Bannon noted will effectively break United States sovereignty.

The bill will grant amnesty not only to so-called Dreamers, a measure proposed in the past, but to any individual who arrived here after January 1, 2021. Amnesty extends also to illegal aliens who were previously deported under the Trump Administration but wish to return.

The second frightening feature of the new bill is the vast reduction of existing immigration enforcement measures.

Finally, the bill doubles legal immigration, despite a still-ravaging pandemic that has left millions of Americans out of work.

Bannon has noted that the bill serves the goal of global corporatists, which is to “flood the zone” with a never-ending influx of cheap labor.


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